21.03.2023 • C3D Converter

C3D Labs and CADEX Launch Technology Partnership in Data Conversion

C3D Labs is expanding its network of technology partners through collaboration with CADEX, a developer of data conversion solutions. Today it is highly important to convert all the files created in different software products error-free and without any data loss. To provide a seamless and easy experience with various CAD formats, C3D Labs has entered into a technology partnership with CADEX.

The CADEX team has developed the CAD Exchanger integration module. It can import more than thirty CAD formats into the C3D kernel. Now the applications built on C3D Labs solutions can read many previously unavailable file formats. The CAD Exchanger module converts all the information without any losses. Depending on the file format, solid geometry and topology, mesh representation, product structure, color, transparency, textures, user-defined data, PMI, levels of detail (LOD), and other metadata can be imported. The number of supported formats (and versions) is still growing. Among them are native (CATIA V5, CATIA V6, all versions of SOLIDWORKS, NX from Siemens, Inventor, Creo, Solid Edge) CAD-neutral, (3D PDF, 3MF, IFC) and CAD kernel formats (Rhino, Open CASCADE).

For the software developer, the integration is seamless: one just browses for the file in a supported format and loads it into the C3D Converter component, a part of the C3D Toolkit software development tool. This feature saves time: no need to look for third-party plugins if the format is not directly supported by C3D Converter. Using the CAD Exchanger integration module to import files, we get a perfect original model.

Roman Lygin, CEO, CADEX:

C3D Labs and CADEX Launch Technology Partnership in Data Conversion, photo 1

"Through the collaboration of our two geometric modeling expert teams, with the new integration module the engineering software developers can effortlessly introduce the support for more than thirty CAD and BIM formats into their applications. The end users will be able to open files in many formats, including proprietary CAD files such as SOLIDWORKS, NX, CATIA, etc."

Oleg Zykov, CEO, C3D Labs:

C3D Labs and CADEX Launch Technology Partnership in Data Conversion, photo 2

"C3D Labs is always open to new technology partnerships to benefit our customers. We do have a converter, but it is focused on common data exchange formats and does not support native CAD files: it is just not our area of expertise. As to our colleagues at CADEX, this is their core business, and the integration of our components is quite logical".


CADEX is IT company that develops 3D visualization and data conversion solutions. The company’s software products (for desktops, cloud, and mobile devices) are used worldwide (more than 150,000 users in over 110 countries), including the industry leaders: Apple, Tesla, Amazon, NASA, Fujitsu, General Electric. CADEX was founded in 2014.