30.10.2023 • C3D Modeler, C3D Converter

What’s New in APM WinMachine Built on C3D Toolkit?

APM WinMachine version 20.0 was released in October 2023. This is a CAE system for computer-aided mechanical analysis and design. It offers the latest developments in numerical analysis, numerical methods, programming, theoretical and applied engineering.

The FEM analysis module of APM Studio has received the largest number of updates. Some are implemented using C3D Modeler functionality, a module within the C3D Toolkit software development kit (SDK).

APM WinMachine Ver. 20.0 supports new types of virtual connectors: bolt and spring. They use the C3D kernel functions to locate points such as the geometric center of a curve or surface. The virtual connectors are then snapped to these points.

What’s New in APM WinMachine Built on C3D Toolkit?, photo 1
Fig. The Bolt virtual connection

Component color and transparency can now be changed to make it easier to work with complex assemblies.

The system now displays part properties such as volume, weight, CoG, and principal central moments of inertia. Another advantage is that some bodies can be represented by their mass properties to simplify the CAE model. The part is replaced by a mass point connected to the adjusted components.

What’s New in APM WinMachine Built on C3D Toolkit?, photo 2
Fig. Mass properties

There is a new design model simplification function to reduce the order of the CAE analysis. The user selects the Simplify check box in the dialog and makes the settings as desired. The features removed by the simplification are holes, short edges, small faces, and fillets. This update takes advantage of the direct modeling capabilities from C3D Modeler.

What’s New in APM WinMachine Built on C3D Toolkit?, photo 3
Fig. Surface simplification

APM has been developing CAM tools since 1992. The company's products cover the full range of applications in structural analysis, dynamics, continuum mechanics, and thermal physics. APM licensed C3D Modeler and C3D Converter to convert and finalize 3D models before calculations in 2018.