08.04.2020 • C3D Vision

TESIS Chooses C3D Labs for 3D CFD Visualization. C3D Vision optimized to support visualization needs of computational fluid dynamics

TESIS, a Russia-based team of scientists and engineers passionate about computational fluid dynamics, has licensed the C3D Vision module from C3D Labs. The module is part of the C3D Toolkit software development kit and will be used to visualize computational models in TESIS’ FlowVision CFD software.

FlowVision is a fully integrated software application for performing complex computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis involving multi-phase fluid-structure interactions, moving objects, free surfaces, complex geometry, and more. It helps end-users analyze flows, turbulence, and pressure distribution of liquids and gases as they interact with structures. TESIS developed FlowVision in cooperation with Capvidia.

TESIS Chooses C3D Labs for 3D CFD Visualization. C3D Vision optimized to support visualization needs of computational fluid dynamics, photo 1

TESIS will use the visualization toolkit from C3D Labs in building two modules of FlowVision, the Pre- and Postprocessors responsible for defining problems and analyses of numerical simulation results, and the Viewer for viewing results. Switching from their in-house visualizer to C3D Vision allows TESIS to focus on its key CFD competency, and so no longer needs to divert resources to non-core tasks.

Andrey Aksenov, CTO at TESIS and FlowVision Development Team Leader:

“Working with C3D Labs team has been effective and inspiring. C3D Vision developers rapidly responded to our requests for improvements. They provide code samples for the most of the basic C3D Vision functions. Its object-oriented API creates compact and structured code. During our evaluation, we noted the high-performance of C3D Vision in visualizing large models.”

Eduard Maksimenko, Head of C3D Vision Development:

“C3D Vision was originally designed for visualizing CAD models. Upon landing a customer as valued as TESIS, we approved a roadmap for developing functions necessary to CAE (computer-aided engineering) software. After this implementation, C3D Vision will be ready to fully support visualization of computational models in CAE software.”


Founded in 1994, TESIS is one of the leading developers and providers of engineering software solutions to industry, R&D, and education in Russia. The company offers software for computational fluid dynamics, CAD data translation, data validation, and data reuse for multi-vendor CAD/CAM environments.

For more information please visit https://flowvisioncfd.com/en/