C3D FairCurveModeler

Simulate complex curves and surfaces to the highest quality.

We took up the challenge by implementing the modeling of top-quality curves and surfaces. Our geometric modeling system offers the C3D FairCurveModeler component, which is designed to model so-called Class F curves that meet the following requirements:

C3D FairCurveModeler, photo 1

  • the minimal number of reference points of a modeled spline trajectory and a high, not lower than the 4th, order of smoothness;
  • smooth torsion of a spatial curve;
  • limiting the maximal value of the curvature and the rate of its change;
  • Minimization of the potential energy functional.

Class F curves are modeled with methods provided by our C3D FairCurveModeler. The methods generate high-quality curves that meet exacting smoothness criteria, and so offer the following advantages:

  • sustainable shape generation (isogeometricity);
  • invariance to affine transformations and projections;
  • the possibility of isogeometric approximation of analytical curves that preserves their basic features;
  • flexible and various API.

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