C3D Toolkit Licensing

  • Commercial and academic licenses, startup support program
  • Tech support and expert advice
  • Flexible licensing options
  • No minimum royalty payments

The C3D Toolkit license fee includes two components

1. Annual developer’s license fee

The annual fee for the Developer License is mandatory and gives your organization the right to develop software using the C3D Toolkit.

The annual license includes an unlimited number of workstations within an organization; developer technical support; bug fixes; consulting; all new kernel versions and revisions (at least once a month); and all supported operating systems and IDEs.

2. Royalty fee

This is the variable part of the total C3D license fee that will be paid as the final C3D-based software product is marketed.

Royalty fee options:

Option 1: % of the software sales. Applies to for-profit businesses (software vendors).

Option 2: fixed amount. Applies when the software revenue is difficult to estimate Examples: the software is bundled with hardware; the vendor is a holding company; and the software is for internal use only. The royalty fee is replaced by an additional annual ad hoc fee.

License Types


Flexible licensing terms to fit your business model. We focus on long-term relationships and do our best to reduce your time-to-market, update your product, and satisfy your customers.

Startup Support Program

We offer special licensing terms for startups, so SMBs can get professional development tools at a discount. Our team is here to help you get the most out of the C3D Toolkit and to provide fast technical support.

Academic Program

The C3D Toolkit Academic Program for universities includes:

  • Discounted C3D Toolkit licenses
  • Unlimited access to the C3D Toolkit documentation, video tutorials, and courses
  • Geometric Modeling book by Dr. Nikolay Golovanov, C3D Toolkit Development Manager