01.11.2022 • AEC&BIM

Project Point Selects C3D Web Vision to Expand BIM Functionality

C3D Labs is pleased to announce that software firm Project Point has licensed its C3D Web Vision geometry visualization component, one part of the C3D Toolkit engineering software development set. The module visualizes 3D models in Web browsers, for which there are many uses, such as for engineers visually verifying models and managers tracking the progress of projects.

The solution from Project Point is a BIM-based shared data environment for managing industrial and civil construction projects. The core functions of Project Point support EDM (engineering document management), QC (quality control), BOM (bills of materials generation), and FA (final acceptance) documentation.

Project Point found it needed to provide customers with the ability to visualize information and 3D models in Web browsers. After carrying out performance and function testing in 2021, Project Point opted for the technology from C3D Labs for several reasons: C3D Labs is a Russian team that has ten years of experience in building its products and technologies; the C3D Toolkit is continuously refined; the API function required to implement Building Information Modelling scenarios is expanding rapidly, even as the Project Point team concurrently integrates them to build end-customer solutions.

Project Point Selects C3D Web Vision to Expand BIM Functionality, photo 4

“The fact that other leading Russian CAD vendors use C3D Toolkit’s components contributed to our confidence in selecting their geometry visualization solution,” said Evgeny Yurevich, Managing Partner at Project Point. “The tools are being developed quickly, and we could see that C3D Labs offers very promising technology to come. The Project Point team finds itself collaborating with respectable and passionate colleagues.”

Project Point Selects C3D Web Vision to Expand BIM Functionality, photo 5

“The Project Point team tested our components rigorously,” said Sergey Klimkin, C3D Web Vision Development Head. “We consulted with them about the functions they needed, and then embedded them, such as the integration of an IFC converter into C3D Web Vision. I greatly appreciate our collaboration with the Project Point team.”

About Project Point

Since 2013 Project Point has developed corporate- and cloud-based software, including solutions for investment and construction project management. The company serves customers such as EVRAZ, Severstal, and Sibur.

In 2018, the company delivered its Project Point platform, a shared data environment used in over 500 Russian and international projects managed by the largest domestic companies. In 2022 the company won contracts with a number of real estate developers.