C3D Toolkit for CAE Applications

By leveraging proven components from C3D Labs,
CAE vendors can focus on their core competences, because
the geometric modeling tasks are handled by C3D Toolkit.

The primary value that the C3D Toolkit brings to CAE is its ability to create and edit precise 3D models prior to generating the meshes necessary for analysis and simulation. The accuracy of the models directly affects the results of the calculations.

C3D Modeler provides the most-used operations needed in developing CAE software. These include Boolean operations, merging sets of bodies, cutting and truncating shells, constructing split lines and swept bodies, equidistant shell construction, direct editing, generation of surface triangulations, calculation of mass-inertia properties, and collision detection.

C3D Modeler stores detailed information about geometric elements as attributes in each element, as well as for individual objects like facets, edges, and vertices. CAE developers can use both system and user-generated attributes.

In addition, C3D Toolkit reads and modifies geometric models made in third-party applications, and exports geometry in standard CAD formats. This provides CAE applications with close integration to commonly-used CAD software.

3D Geometric Modeling

Geometric models optimized by C3D Modeler let CAE developers generate the high-quality meshes necessary for FEA simulation.

Users can control the parameters of triangulation by angle, spatial deflection, and maximum distance between points.

3D Geometric Modeling


C3D Converter lets CAE software developers import model geometry and related data into their products correctly, because it is closely integrated with the C3D Modeler geometric kernel. It also exports them to other applications easily. C3D Converter reads and writes models in neutral and proprietary file formats, including STEP, IGES, ACIS SAT, Parasolid X_T and X_B, STL, and JT. In this way, CAE applications achieve a high level of integration with commonly-used CAD programs.


Visualization of calculation results as a polygonal model

Using the C3D Vision visualization engine which is closely integrated with C3D Modeler, CAE software developers can improve the quality of visualization in their products.

C3D Vision offers a number of integrated solutions for achieving maximum performance. For example, it gives control over levels of detail (LOD) and the accuracy of triangulation mesh generation.

Visualization of calculation results as a polygonal model