C3D B-Shaper

Add the capability to handle polygonal model reverse engineering to your applications.

The C3D B-Shaper converts polygonal models into solids with boundary representation (boundary representation or b-rep). Boundary representation is the basis for 3D modeling in most modern 3D engineering applications. Emergence of models in polygonal representation is promoted by the spread of 3D-scanning technologies, development of control and measuring equipment, necessity to process results of topological optimization.

C3D B-Shaper Converts Polygonal Meshes Into B-rep Models:

  • automatic or interactive mesh segmentation:
  • surface approximation by polygons with adjustable accuracy;
  • B-rep model generation.

Proprietary Math

C3D B-Shaper uses our unique algorithm to subdivide meshes into subsets that are then converted into faces. Subsets are recognized as either elementary surfaces (plane, cylinder, cone, sphere, torus) or free surfaces (NURBS). The module generates intersection curves between adjacent subsets, which then become body edges.

Proprietary Math

Boosted Performance

When handling multiple imported polygonal models, C3D B-Shaper accelerates the analysis and simplifies visualization which results in better overall performance.

Boosted Performance

Adjustable accuracy

The accuracy of C3D B-Shaper’s results is specified by a maximum-acceptable deviation of the reconstructed surface from the vertices of the underlying polygonal mesh.

Adjustable accuracy

C3D B-Shaper Capabilities

B-Shaper is built on C3D Labs’ proprietary algorithms and makes polygonal models useful to many kinds of applications:

  • reverse engineering parts from 3D scanner files;
  • converting models from online product catalogs;
  • post-processing the output from CAE operations

C3D B-Shaper’s API provides the following capabilities:

  • control surface recognition accuracy through the SetTolerance method;
  • segment polygonal meshes with SegmentMesh;
  • edit segments using UniteSegments, SplitSegment, and other methods;
  • reconstruct segments in certain types of surfaces with FitSurfaceToSegment;
  • generate b-rep models using CreateBRepShell.

Through its API, C3D B-Shaper operates in automatic or interactive mode:

  • automatic mode generates acceptable results for high-quality polygon meshes, which are triangulations of CAD models that mostly contain elementary surfaces;
  • if, however, a polygon mesh is constructed from 3D object scans and so contains general surfaces, then the user will have to be involved in the process.

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