C3D Toolkit

C3D Toolkit is a software development kit (SDK)
responsible for constructing, editing, visualizing,
and converting geometric models.

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C3D Toolkit constructs geometric models, performs geometric calculations, and creates connections between the elements of geometric models. C3D Toolkit handles geometric models made in third-party applications and exports geometry to other 3D systems.

Computer-aided design (CAD) systems are the most widely known software products that require tools like C3D Toolkit for their development. Such tools are also used in computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), and engineering (CAE). All CAD, CAM, and CAE systems share the same geometric model, which provides the following functions:

  • Describing the shapes of modeled geometric objects
  • Maintaining relations between model elements
  • Recording the history of model construction
  • Adding attributes to geometric model elements

In addition to geometric modeling functionality, C3D Toolkit offers advanced model rendering capabilities in the graphical scene using a powerful visualization engine. These visualization capabilities can be used to develop both desktop and web applications.

C3D Toolkit comprises of a dynamic-link library, a demo application with complete source code, technical documentation, and additional support files for compatibility with many integrated development environments (IDE).

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Why C3D Toolkit?


Fully Integrated Solution

C3D Toolkit is the only solution on the market to incorporate all five critical 3D software components for CAD/CAM/CAE/BIM and related systems: kernel, constraint solver, visualization engine, polygonal mesh-to-B-rep converter, and data converter.


Robust Open API

C3D Toolkit provides an API (Application Programming Interface) that’s fully documented. We update the API continually and add new features, while ensuring backward compatibility. Your product will never be incompatible with newer C3D Toolkit releases.


Modern Multithreaded Architecture

The C3D Toolkit kernel is thread-safe, so that multiple threads access objects concurrently and securely.

C3D Toolkit enables parallelism efficiently, and secures the kernel when used in multithreaded applications. Our toolkit lets you manage the kernel’s multithreaded operations, such as enabling and disabling parallel operations.


Cross Platform Solution

C3D Toolkit is a true cross-platform solution available for most operating systems. It is available for Android, FreeBSD, iOS, macOS X, Linux, and Windows 10.

You develop apps C3D Toolkit using С/С++, С#, and TypeScript.

The web visualization component of the C3D Toolkit supports several modern browsers: Chrome, Safari and Firefox.


Flexible Licensing Model

Our licensing model for C3D Toolkit is very flexible with no minimum mandatory royalty. We offer each customer a customized approach. We promote long-term cooperation with our customers to create products faster and for the benefit of your end users.

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Responsive Technical Support

Our fast, efficient, competent technical support is provided directly by C3D Labs developers.

Every two weeks we release minor updates.

All of our customers can contribute to the development of future C3D Toolkit functions!