03.03.2020 • C3D Modeler, C3D Converter, CAE

How C3D Toolkit Enhanced the New Release of APM CAE Software

In late 2019, APM released the 17th version of its software for performing computer-aided engineering (CAE), which was built with the C3D Toolkit from C3D Labs. APM used two components from the toolkit, C3D Modeler and C3D Converter.

The components were implemented in APM Studio’s pre- and post-processors, which are responsible for constructing 3D solid and surface models, and then preparing them for FEA (finite element analysis). The C3D Converter data exchange module imports 3D models into APM Studio, while the C3D Modeler geometry kernel improves and optimizes models before calculations are carried out. Geometric models optimized by C3D Modeler generate high-quality meshes that are necessary for FEA simulation with the APM software suite. The implementation and debugging of C3D Toolkit into APM Studio took about a year.


“After switching to the new kernel, the accuracy and speed of Boolean operations increased,” says Vadim Shelofast, Technical Director of RSDC APM. “It allowed us to add new 3D modeling functions and expand support for importing and exporting models.”

RSDC APM is a Russia-based research and software development house with 25 years of experience in developing CAE software. Founded as an innovation department of Bauman Moscow State Technical University, the company became a leading provider of CAE software for mechanical design, architecture, engineering, and construction.

Today APM offers software that covers strength and dynamic analysis, calculations of machine parts, continuum mechanics, and thermophysics.

For more information about RSDC APM please visit https://apmwm.com/