04.06.2020 • CAE, C3D Modeler, C3D Converter

QuickField FEA Updates Its Geometric Modeling Kernel with C3D Toolkit

When Tera Analysis Ltd. released the newest version of its finite-element analysis (FEA) software, QuickField 6.4 has been rewritten with components from C3D Labs’ C3D Toolkit. QuickField is a simulation system for electromagnetic, heat transfer, and stress analysis.

This is the first QuickField release based on C3D Labs’ geometric kernel and converters. Previous versions of QuickField used open source libraries from Open CASCADE. As a result of the changeover, QuickField 6.4 now simulates electrical fields and temperature changes in multi-body 3D assemblies.

QuickField FEA Updates Its Geometric Modeling Kernel with C3D Toolkit, photo 1

The C3D Modeler geometric kernel handles storage and processing of geometric data, while the C3D Converter data exchange module imports 3D CAD geometry in STEP format. The developers of QuickField had two reasons for making the hard decision to change the geometric kernel from Open CASCADE to C3D:

  • C3D Modeler has the ability to select common faces of 3D objects that intersect or come into contact with one another
  • C3D Labs provides the high level of technical support necessary for speedy debugging and the development of new functions

Transitioning to a new geometric kernel can be a long and painful process, but Tera Analysis finished it successfully due to the modern architecture of C3D Modeler. The way in which C3D handles topological data insured a lossless translation from Open CASCADE to C3D kernel.

QuickField FEA Updates Its Geometric Modeling Kernel with C3D Toolkit, photo 2

Vladimir Podnos, director of marketing and support at Tera Analysis:

“This project took more time and effort than we originally planned, but we are very satisfied with the result. Our choice of the geometric kernel vendor was proven right. The quality of technical support and overall attitude of C3D Labs were key factors in completing the project successfully. We have very positive experience working with C3D Labs staff. This team of friendly and highly qualified specialists resolved all issues quickly and efficiently. Our QuickField customers greatly appreciate the product, its features, and its ability to deal with complex 3D models.”

Nikolay Golovanov, Head of R&D at C3D Labs:

“We responded to a request from Tera Analysis to modify the FindTouchedFaces function and to add a new SplitTouchedFaces function to detect and process situations in which geometric bodies touch each other. We keep developing our kernel, adding more specialized functions for CAE product development by C3D Toolkit.”

About Tera Analysis Ltd.

Tera Analysis Ltd. is an international company with headquarters in Svendborg, Denmark. Its main product is QuickField, a FEA simulation program for electromagnetic, heat transfer, and stress analysis. QuickField has a reputation for being the smart alternative to traditional FEA tools due to its simple user interface and the powerful mathematical algorithms that power it. Unlike complex rivals that can be used by experts only, QuickField is intuitive and does not require specialist training.

QuickField is popular among researchers, engineers, educators, and students in many countries. Its customer list includes NASA, L3Harris, ABB, General Electric Company, General Motors, Siemens, Stanford University, Berkeley University, Sony, Hitachi, and other well-known corporations, research centers, and educational institutions around the world.

For more information, please visit https://quickfield.com/.