05.06.2024 • C3D PolyShaper

Meet the New Component: C3D PolyShaper Polygonal Modeler

The annual C3Days 2024 Developer Conference will be held on May 5-6. C3D PolyShaper, a new polygonal modeling module will be unveiled there. The new component is a part of C3D Toolkit, an engineering software development kit.

C3D PolyShaper can edit, analyze, and patch polygonal objects. The polygonal representation uses vertices, edges, and flat facets to build faceted 3D bodies. The new module functionality can be divided into several key groups.

Geometry diagnostics and patching

Polygonal meshes may have geometric and topological issues. C3D PolyShaper offers the following patching functions:

  • mesh diagnostics
  • fixing degenerated triangles
  • mesh stitching
  • fixing inconsistent normals
  • checking for non-manifold geometry

Simplification, refinement, and re-meshing of the triangulation mesh

Reducing the number of triangles improves the performance. C3D PolyShaper has two mesh simplification options: to a given number of triangles or a given accuracy.

The reverse local mesh refinement tool is used for computer-aided analysis to enhance the local simulation accuracy.

Remeshing improves the mesh quality by making the triangles as equilateral as possible. Better mesh contributes to the reliability of many algorithms and simulation processes.

Meet the New Component: C3D PolyShaper Polygonal Modeler, photo 1


C3D PolyShaper offers the following polygonal mesh editing tools:

  • deleting triangles
  • Boolean operations
  • plane sections
  • mesh trimming by a cube of a specified size.

Polygonal model diagnostics

C3D PolyShaper can validate meshes generated by 3D scanning, topology optimization, and other methods.

Another approach is reverse engineering when a polygonal model is converted into a solid. For this, analytic surfaces are approximated with the least squares method.

Meet the New Component: C3D PolyShaper Polygonal Modeler, photo 2

C3D PolyShaper will be available in the next C3D Toolkit release. To get the trial module, use the feedback form on our website.