27.05.2019 • C3D Viewer

C3D Labs Updates 3D Model Viewer for 2019

C3D Labs, the developer of highly-regarded 3D software development toolkits, announced today that it has released C3D Viewer 2019, an update to its free application for viewing 3D CAD models. The viewer handles standard CAD (computer-aided design) formats, such as JT, STEP, X_T and X_B, SAT, IGES, STL, and VRML, and its own C3D format. С3D Viewer 2019 incorporates some of the geometric modeling, data conversion, and model visualization functions found in C3D Modeler, C3D Converter, and C3D Vision – all components of its C3D Toolkit.

C3D Labs Updates 3D Model Viewer for 2019, photo 1
C3D Viewer 2019

The model viewer, first released by C3D Labs in 2017, gives users full control over displaying 3D models, such as navigating and orientating models, setting standard views, changing perspective projections, and adjusting levels of detail. It also plays back animations at varying speeds. This made C3D Viewer useful to both CAD and non-CAD users who access 3D CAD models.

In its update for 2019, C3D Labs extends the capabilities of C3D Viewer by delivering the following advanced, high-performance tools:

New! Dynamic Section Tool

The new dynamic section tool lets users view and analyze internal parts of 3D models through sections made with one or more planes. Through the use of OpenGL, C3D Viewer gives results quicker than CAD systems, which typically create sections by modifying the topology of solids.

New! Measurement and Calculation Tools

C3D Viewer 2019 now measures the most important aspects of geometric models: angles, distances between objects, edge lengths, surface areas, and so on. The resulting linear, diametrical, and angular dimensions are displayed clearly in the model window. The viewer also calculates masses, volumes, surface areas, centers of mass, and moments of inertia.

Price and Availability

C3D Viewer 2019 is free, and is available for downloading as of today from https://c3dlabs.com/products/c3d-viewer/ .

C3D Viewer Enterprise 2019 is for software developers and is also shipping now. It generates lightweight representations of CAD data and is designed to be embedded in PDM (product data management), PLM (product lifecycle management), and ECM (enterprise content management) systems. Pricing available upon request.