C3D Labs Presented Its Geometric Kernel at CeBIT

C3D Labs Presented Its Geometric Kernel at CeBIT, photo 1

At the invitation of the Skolkovo Foundation, C3D Labs (a division of ASCON Group) took part in CeBIT, the world’s largest international IT exhibition, held March 10–14 in Hannover, Germany.

C3D Labs' report on the new C3D V15 geometric modeling kernel at CeBIT was the first presentation of the technological platform in Europe, and represented the next step in promoting it to the international market. This kind of exposure allows C3D Labs to join the community of firms that develop engineering software globally.

C3D Labs Presented Its Geometric Kernel at CeBIT, photo 2
Oleg Zykov, CEO of C3D Labs

Visitors noted the impressive contributions by Russian mathematics schools, as well as the readiness of C3D Labs to provide a flexible licensing policy.

“A thank-you to Skolkovo for the opportunity to showcase our technology at CeBIT,” said Oleg Zykov, CEO of C3D Labs. “We made new contacts here, and conducted productive negotiations with a number of potential customers interested in our high-tech kernel software from Russia.”

One of the primary trends at the exhibition pointed to the expected widespread boom in consumer 3D printers. Products from Germany, Great Britain, China, Poland, and USA were showcased in booths that were popular with visitors. STL is the standard data format used for 3D printing, and so the ability to import and export this format was implemented in the C3D kernel recently.

C3D Labs Presented Its Geometric Kernel at CeBIT, photo 3
One of the consumer 3D printers showcased at CeBIT

For CeBIT, Skolkovo Foundation invited 30 technology startups from the IT and space sectors to participate, including C3D Labs. Each day of the exhibition, startups arranged into three groups — industry, safety, and lifestyle — presented their technology to some of the more than 200,000 visitors that attended CeBIT 2014.