Moscow Polytechnic University Hosts First C3D Hackathon

The first hackathon for developing engineering software with the C3D Toolkit from C3D Labs took place April 5-7 at the Moscow Polytechnic University. For two days, 11 students thought about and then developed software to be applied to their educational process, as well as further afield in digital manufacturing.

The C3D Hackathon was hosted by the Faculty of Information Technologies and supported by C3D Labs and ASCON Group. The second- through fourth-year students were already familiar with the C3D Toolkit from a variety of educational projects. So for the hackathon they initiated several new ideas that they then shaped into working prototypes of software products.

By the end of the hackathon, the students presented the following projects:

  • A 3D application that integrated quality control software with a coordinate measuring machine; developed with C3D Modeler for geometric modeling and C3D Vision for visualization
  • A 3D model cloud storage platform complete with annotation markups; developed with C3D Modeler and C3D Converter for opening files from a variety of formats
  • A 3D model comparison application; developed with C3D Modeler

The students will continue to develop all three hackathon projects with the aim of turning them into commercial software products.