11.06.2020 • AEC&BIM, C3D Converter

Renga Adds Support for Additional CAD Formats in Newest Release. How C3D Toolkit extends Renga's interoperability to other BIM software

In June 2020, Renga Software introduced the newest version of its Renga design system for the architectural, structural, and MEP (mechanical, engineering, plumbing) disciplines. Renga is developed with our C3D Toolkit.

The new version of Renga extends its file capabilities so that it now exports models in ACIS, C3D, JT, Parasolid, and STEP formats. Exporting Renga data in these CAD formats is performed by our C3D Converter data exchange module, which in turn benefits by being closely integrated with the C3D Modeler geometric kernel. The kernel is the solid foundation on which Renga's 3D modeling is built.

With access to this range of formats, Renga users can now select the one best suited to specific export situations. For instance, if they are submitting a 3D model to a customer for viewing, then the model is best exported in C3D format, because it can then be opened in our free C3D Viewer application. When exporting 3D models to other CAD programs, then it is worthwhile to use whichever format they read best, such as Parasolid for Solidworks and JT for Solid Edge.

Renga Adds Support for Additional CAD Formats in Newest Release. How C3D Toolkit extends Renga's interoperability to other BIM software, photo 1
Model created in Renga being exported in C3D format

Ilya Maz, Chief Technology Officer at Renga Software:

“Interoperability is of prime importance with BIM (building information modeling), because when designing large projects, it is unlikely that software provided by only one vendor is used during all stages of the projeсts. Different CAD applications support the import of different data formats. C3D Converter's file converters allow us to export the geometric representations of buildings in nearly all formats currently employed by the design market."

By using C3D Labs technology, Renga has enhanced its export capabilities. Users now can choose which format they want to use, depending on the CAD program to which the 3D model should be imported. No matter which of the supported formats users choose, they will get accurate geometric representations of their buildings' designs.

About Renga Software

Renga Software is a joint venture between ASCON Group and 1C. The company develops software products for designing buildings, structures, and MEP facilities in 3D with BIM. Their design products offer user-friendly features, a beautiful, intuitive interface, and an affordable price. The Renga product line is intended for integrated design environments, and so information in models of buildings created in Renga can be used in subsequent stages of the life cycle.

For more information, please visit https://rengabim.com/en/