03.04.2019 • C3D Toolkit, C3D Modeler, C3D Converter, AEC&BIM

CYPE Chooses C3D Labs to Enhance BIM Software

CYPE, a Spain-based company with 36 years of experience in developing software for the AEC (architecture, engineering, construction) industry, announced today that it selected C3D Toolkit from C3D Labs. The toolkit improves 3D modeling and data conversion in its CYPE Structures, CYPE Suite MEP, and Open BIM Systems software.

CYPE licensed two modules from C3D Toolkit:

  • C3D Modeler for geometric modeling improves IFC file processing and Boolean operations on 3D models
  • C3D Converter for data exchange loads 3D models from a variety of formats into the company’s programs, thereby improving the visual realism of the models produced by them; C3D Converter module is considered a key component of CYPE’s Open BIM strategy

CYPE offers software that covers three fundamental areas in the development of building projects: design and structural analysis; design and calculations of MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing) installations; and project and document management. The company develops a wide range of programs for designing, analyzing, and obtaining approvals for projects. These programs share information in an open and coordinated way through the Open BIM workflow.

Following its BIM strategy, CYPE needed a way to deal with ever more complex geometrical models and to manipulate them in a non-trivial way. Extending the kernel developed in-house would have taken too long, and so this was considered not feasible. So the company decided to look outside for a kernel. The primary considerations were the quality of documentation, the complexity of API (application programming interface), the level of technical support, and the effort needed to integrate the kernel into the company’s software.

Benjamín González Cantó, Director of Corporate Development at CYPE:

“During testing, C3D Toolkit showed itself to be a robust and complete kernel. It has the tools we need and its documentation, support, and example source code are great. We chose C3D Toolkit, because it fitted our needs in every aspect. Our software already uses solid modelling, and we were able to integrate the C3D kernel in just two to three weeks. It couldn’t have been done with any other kernel we had taken into consideration.”

Oleg Zykov, CEO of C3D Labs:

“Building information modeling is a most promising technology that is attracting more and more software vendors. As a result, we extended our C3D Toolkit for the needs specific to BIM application developers. Today, our proven components provide 3D modeling in architectural, structural, and MEP design systems. We appreciate that CYPE, a well-reputed company with a great deal of experience, chose C3D Labs to be its partner in implementing the BIM strategy.”

About CYPE

CYPE is a leading company in the development of software for architecture, engineering, and construction. More than 80,000 users trust its products and services, and over 100,000 licenses have been acquired by professionals from various countries. Amongst CYPE clients are town councils and ministries, as well as technical control organizations, universities and professional offices.

For more information visit http://www.cype.com