20.06.2018 • C3D Toolkit, C3D Modeler, C3D Converter, C3D Vision, CAE

Tera Analysis Implements C3D Toolkit for FEA Simulation Software

Tera Analysis, a Denmark-based developer of simulation software, has chosen C3D Toolkit from C3D Labs to improve the 3D modeling in its QuickField simulation software.

Tera Analysis has licensed three modules of C3D Toolkit: C3D Geometric Kernel (or C3D Modeler) for geometric modeling, C3D Converter for data exchange, and C3D Vision for the rendering engine. The components from C3D Labs replace the open-source Open Cascade development platform previously used by Tera Analysis.

QuickField is an FEA (finite element analysis) package for performing electromagnetic, thermal, and stress simulations, complete with coupled multi-field analysis. QuickField is meant for use with high voltage systems, capacitors, actuators, cables, induction heating systems, and more.

Until now, QuickField handled 2D designs, but the company is now exploring the new capabilities made possible by 3D. C3D Toolkit components result in improved 3D geometry models, which generate irregular finite element meshes more accurately and correctly treat field discontinuities at the boundaries of physical media.

Development of QuickField 3D had begun with Open Cascade, an open-source geometric kernel, but then the company encountered topological problems in collision analyses of multi-body geometries. This limitation, and the lack of technical support of the free product, made Tera Analysis think of adopting a quality commercial product.

Vladimir Podnos, director of marketing and support at Tera Analysis:

«We compared several options and decided on C3D Toolkit. Our choice was based on several factors, including the product’s functionality, its reasonable price, good documentation, and the quality of technical support. It is very important for us that C3D Labs listens to its customers and as a result develops products to better satisfy our needs».


Nikolay Golovanov, Head of Development at C3D Labs:

«Each of our customers contributes to C3D Toolkit when they request new features, thereby enriching it and enhancing its capabilities. Thanks to our collaboration with Tera Analysis, the 3D modeling in our C3D geometric kernel will be improved further for FEA simulation software».


Tera Analysis plans to provide its customers with the new QuickField 3D version based on the C3D geometric kernel by the end of 2018.

About Tera Analysis

Tera Analysis Ltd. is an international company established in 1999 with headquarters in Svendborg, Denmark. Its primary activity is the development and distribution of its FEA software, QuickField. Tera Analysis maintains an office in Canada to take care of North and South American customers, and collaborates with resellers in many European and Asian countries.

QuickField is a powerful yet ultimately user-friendly tool for electromagnetic, heat transfer, and stress analysis. The software runs on Windows platforms.

Customers using QuickField range from independent consultants to major educational, scientific, and industrial organizations, including ABB, Applied Materials, Boeing, General Electric, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, NASA (Marshall Space Flight Center, Goddard Space Flight Center), and SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory at Stanford University.