25.01.2023 • MCAD

Programsoyuz Selects C3D Labs Solutions to Develop PLM Platform

Programsoyuz has purchased the licenses to the C3D Converter and C3D Vision components from the C3D Toolkit, an engineering software development kit. The C3D Labs product capabilities include data import and export, geometry visualization, and GUI for engineering applications.

Soyuz-PLM is an advanced, full-featured software package for engineering information management through the entire product life cycle. Soyuz-PLM is designed for businesses of any size. It is available in many configurations which differ in capacity (for small, medium, and large customers) and functionality (CAD, CAM, project management, requirements management, MRO, technical documentation authoring, etc.)

The current CAD market is expecting a fast response from the vendors. They should expand the functionality of their products and make them independent of other components. Programsoyuz has selected C3D Labs components: C3D Vision for geometry visualization, and C3D Converter for loading models in many exchange formats.

Mikhail Kholin, CEO, Programsoyuz:

Programsoyuz Selects C3D Labs Solutions to Develop PLM Platform, photo 1

"The C3D Converter and C3D Vision components perfectly suit our needs. Today we use them as part of the Soyuz-PLM package in the 3D visualization and model annotation module for many CAD and ECAD systems. The module is intended for Soyuz-PLM users who do not have CAD tools. The 3D visualization module renders wireframe, shaded, and shaded with edges 3D images, exploded views; make components transparent or hidden, perform model measurements: edges, radii, point to point, plane to plane, and angle between two planes".

Oleg Zykov, CEO, C3D Labs:

Programsoyuz Selects C3D Labs Solutions to Develop PLM Platform, photo 2

"A year ago our colleagues from Programsoyuz started their testing of the C3D kernel. After a successful pilot project, they decided to switch to our products. The C3D Vision and C3D Converter components were integrated into Soyuz-PLM over a short period. The company gained all the basic functionality required for engineering software development. We are going to expand the features and adapt our components to the requirements of Soyuz-PLM users. I am confident that our collaboration will be successful!"

About Programsoyuz

Programsoyuz is a Russian developer of the Soyuz-PLM platform for product lifecycle automation and support. Company is a specialist in the development, distribution, system integration, and implementation of applications for Soyuz-PLM, both in-house and through its network of technology partners using Soyuz-PLM as a platform for their applications and deployments. Programsoyuz experts have 20+ years of experience in PDM/PLM solutions for mechanical engineering, instrumentation, architecture, construction, shipbuilding, and other industries.