08.11.2013 • C3D Modeler, MCAD

ASCON’s C3D Geometric Kernel Deployed by Third-Party Developer

ASCON is pleased to announce that its C3D geometric kernel has been deployed successfully by LOCNITI company – the Russian distributor of CAM software ESPRIT. The new ESPRIT Extra CAD 3D solid modeling software is designed to work with the popular ESPRIT CAM system. The CAD software allows users to model tools and equipment, and to create virtual models of machines right inside the CAM.

The developers of ESPRIT Extra CAD, LO CNITI and Rubius, decided on the C3D Russian-developed kernel, instead of foreign ones that may have better name recognition. The developers appreciated the close, three-way collaboration with ASCON, which allowed them to customize the kernel to the needs of customers. As a result, they were able to create a full 3D CAD system in just six months.

ASCON’s C3D Geometric Kernel Deployed by  Third-Party Developer, photo 1 ASCON’s C3D Geometric Kernel Deployed by  Third-Party Developer, photo 2

Placing CAD Right Inside CAM

Users and partners have long advocated their need for a special 3D solid modeling tool in the area of computer-aided manufacturing. The idea to create a CAD application for ESPRIT CAM originated at LO CNITI, the Russian distributor of ESPRIT for DP Technology Corp. According to Andrey Lovygin, Director of LO CNITI, the purpose of developing ESPRIT Extra CAD was not to compete with well-known CAD systems, but rose from a desire to implement advanced tools for creating 3D models of medium complexity directly in the ESPRIT interface.

"The market for geometric kernels is dominated by name likes ACIS and Parasolid, but our choice was C3D by ASCON," said Mr. Lovygin. "The decisive factor here was the domestic origin of the ASCON company and their C3D product.

LO CNITI found that the level of technical support and speed of response time were an order of magnitude better than from what they had experienced from foreign companies. After implementing this project, LO CNITI enjoyed additional benefits, such as a flexible pricing policy and assistance provided directly by ASCON’s software engineers."

CAD Development in Just Six Months

As its programming contractor, LO CNITI selected Russia-based Rubius, a company known for its CAD, GIS, engineering data, and electronic document management systems. It took just six months for the experts at Rubius to create the first version of ESPRIT Extra CAD.

"Initially, we considered using a popular foreign geometric kernel, and we even wrote a technical prototype based on one of them," explained Sergey Koshevoy, Director of Development at Rubius. "However, we found it impossible to implement a number of requirements, and so we rewrote the product based on the C3D kernel by ASCON. In addition, we are experienced in writing add-ons and extensions for KOMPAS-3D, which is based on C3D, and even participate in the development of the KOMPAS API (application programming interface).

“The fact that it was possible to customize the kernel to our needs significantly reduced the technological risk,” Mr Koshevoy continued. “In the process of creating ESPRIT Extra CAD, we did a tremendous amount of work together with the ASCON experts.”

As a result, Rubius created a commercial product in a relatively short period of time (in terms of developing such systems) that is unique in its kind, and one that fully demonstrates the capabilities of developers at LOCNITI, Rubius, ASCON, and DP Technology.


The market launch of ESPRIT Extra CAD is significant for ASCON, for it is the first C3D-based product created outside the ASCON's development unit.
"For the first time, we provided technical support and maintenance to a third-party development team," said Oleg Zykov, C3D Product Director at ASCON. "As a result of this project, we tested the kernel, built its maintenance process, and customized the product to requirements of Rubius and LO CNITI. I am grateful to our partners for their courage, because being first is not easy! I am pleased we meet their expectations."
You can download ESPRIT Extra CAD to get familiar with its C3D-based capabilities at espritextra.com.

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