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nanoCAD is created by Nanosoft, a rapidly growing and ambitious international CAD developer and service provider based in Moscow, Russia. Since nanoCAD first shipped in 2008, it earned the trust of well over 200,000 users.



Product based on C3D Toolkit:

  • nanoCAD Plus
  • nanoCAD Pro
  • nanoCAD Mechanica

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“We had been closely watching the development of the C3D kernel and then made the decision to build it into our CAD application for mechanical engineering. The robust components from C3D Labs are progressing quickly and have all the solid modeling features necessary for us to deploy them right now.”
Dmitry Popov, Product Director at Nanosoft

Partnership Timeline


Nanosoft introduces nanoCAD Pro 11, the most radical update ever for its advanced DWG-compatible 3D CAD software. The C3D geometric modeling kernel is the foundation of all changes in nanoCAD Pro.


Nanosoft releases nanoCAD Mechanica 9.0, its design application for mechanical engineers, with 3D solid modeling powered by the C3D geometric kernel.


Nanosoft releases nanoCAD Plus 10 platform with 3D modeling module based on С3D Modeler, Converter. Currently, the C3D components are available in the Russian version of nanoCAD Plus.


Nanosoft licenses C3D Toolkit, including C3D Modeler, C3D Solver, C3D Converter, for the DWG-based nanoCAD Plus platform. The decision was made after C3D Labs developed a module that integrated its C3D Modeler kernel with the ODA DWG/DXF/DGN platform from the Open Design Alliance. This eliminated any remaining constraints towards the development of C3D-based CAD systems that support DWG and DGN files directly.