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SPO Arktika

Arktika Corp. is Russia’s electrical installation company with eight offices across the country. Arktika is headquartered in Severodvinsk, where nuclear vessels are built. It serves the shipbuilding industry as part of the United Shipbuilding Corporation. Its key business lines are comprehensive electrical installation, commissioning, and MRO services for the shipbuilding sector. The company operates an in-house manufacturing facility that produces switchgear, lighting fixtures, and other products.

Web: https://spoarktika.ru/

SPO Arktika
"We closely follow the C3D Labs product updates to implement the functionality we need in our application. We are looking for a comprehensive tool to handle JT models. We also collaborate to add new components to the C3D Labs products and eventually to TM-3D Diagnostics. I would like to mention the dedication and commitment of the C3D Labs team. They willingly change the product roadmap to meet our needs and promptly implement our suggestions."
Evgeny Lyakhovsky, CIO, SPO Arktika

Partnership Timeline


SPO Arktika implements C3D Vision, C3D Web Vision, and C3D Converter components into Diagnostics TM-3D, a cross-platform web application for product structure visualization and analysis.