16.10.2023 • C3D Vision, C3D Web Vision, C3D Converter

SPO Arktika Chooses C3D Toolkit Components for Web App Development

Diagnostics TM-3D, a cross-platform web application for product structure visualization and analysis, now uses the C3D Vision, C3D Web Vision, and C3D Converter components. The SPO Arktika team has independently developed the software. The tool visualizes vessel interiors.

In 2019, SPO Arktika launched a project to improve the data exchange between the electrical installation company and the designers. As a result, SPO Arktika receives a design package containing the digital product structure and a 3D model of the vessel exported from CAD to the JT format.

Diagnostics TM-3D uses the Product Structure application to create a simplified model of the vessel. The model shows the internal layout, instrumentation, wiring, and status of work in progress. Users of the software are design contractors, SPO Arktika engineers, and shipyard electricians with their industrial-grade tablets. The interactive visualization feature makes electrical installation easier and reduces errors.

The in-house solution required a module to visualize the JT format in a browser. The JT model is intended to show not only the basic layout of the vessel, but also a detailed visualization of each room with all instruments, cable penetrations, and electrical fittings. SPO Arktika needed a domestic product with such capabilities. The C3D Converter component can import JT models, while C3D Web Vision renders them in the browser. For these capabilities, SPO Arktika chose the solutions from C3D Labs, an ASCON Group company.

SPO Arktika Chooses C3D Toolkit Components for Web App Development, photo 1

ASCON and the United Shipbuilding Corporation collaborate on the PLM projects. The software products have been deployed on hundreds of workstations. The Shipbuilding Center of Competence is developing a shipbuilding CAD and product lifecycle management system and surveying the subsidiary shipyards. The product will become the core of a heavy CAD for the shipbuilding industry.

The SPO Arktika team worked closely with the C3D Labs software engineers during the pilot deployment suggesting software improvements needed to build their project. It was a win-win situation. As suggested by SPO Arktika, C3D Labs developers have introduced a new feature to C3D Web Vision: the creation of new geometric objects in the scene. With this, the JT model is enriched with metadata from the design package.

SPO Arktika Chooses C3D Toolkit Components for Web App Development, photo 2

SPO Arktika has decided to continue with the vessel model visualization project to improve the software and increase productivity. The next step was to support the JT format.

Evgeny Lyakhovsky, CIO, SPO Arktika:

"We closely follow the C3D Labs product updates to implement the functionality we need in our application. We are looking for a comprehensive tool to handle JT models. We also collaborate to add new components to the C3D Labs products and eventually to TM-3D Diagnostics. I would like to mention the dedication and commitment of the C3D Labs team. They willingly change the product roadmap to meet our needs and promptly implement our suggestions."

Oleg Zykov, CEO, C3D Labs

Oleg Zykov, CEO, C3D Labs:

"We intensively develop our components to support new software projects across a wide range of industries. Shipbuilding is one of the main target industries. The parent company ASCON uses C3D Modeler extensively for the development of KOMPAS 3D shipbuilding tools. Now C3D Vision and C3D Converter are integrated into SPO Arktika products. I am confident that this is just the beginning. United Shipbuilding Corporation will make more software products using our components”.

Alexander Petrov, Director of Shipbuilding Solutions, ASCON

Alexander Petrov, Director of Shipbuilding Solutions, ASCON:

"Currently, 31 United Shipbuilding Corp. companies operate thousands of ASCON and Razvitie consortium software solutions. When there is a need to develop a custom 3D application in-house, our customers choose C3D Toolkit, the only commercially available Russian geometric kernel, and its licensable components. The solution that SPO Arktika is working on will speed up the product development of electrical components for vessels. Since 2020, ASCON has been proactively fine-tuning its general-purpose software for shipbuilding. This work is based on the long-term experience of shipbuilding companies with ASCON software solutions and 3D CAD customer feedback."

About SPO Arktika

Arktika Corp. is Russia’s electrical installation company with eight offices across the country. Arktika is headquartered in Severodvinsk, where nuclear vessels are built. It serves the shipbuilding industry as part of the United Shipbuilding Corporation. Its key business lines are comprehensive electrical installation, commissioning, and MRO services for the shipbuilding sector. The company operates an in-house manufacturing facility that produces switchgear, lighting fixtures, and other products. SPO Arktika uses the following C3D Labs products to build its digital solution for visualizing electrical components from the digital product structure: C3D Vision, C3D Web Vision, and C3D Converter.