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General Mathematical-Physics Technology Co., Ltd. (China) studies basic math and physics algorithms. The GMPT products are multiphysical and mathematical simulation software, statistical analysis tools for research, etc. The company has extensive experience in optics, electromagnetism, condensed matter physics, semiconductors, mechanics, thermal physics, hydrodynamics, and chemistry. The GMPT product range includes the SinoTCAD solution for the simulation of semiconductor processing technologies; the SinoRay geometric optics analysis tool; the SinoWave wave optics analysis tool, EMC simulation, and IC package design software.



Partnership Timeline


GMPT (China) has purchased a license for C3D Toolkit to advance its SinoRay solution. SinoRay is an optical simulation software package for optical systems and components design. The solution from GMPT is mission-critical in optoelectronics R&D, and photonic system/visual panel/optical film integration in the EDA/TCAD domain.