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Eremex is a software development company operating in the field of automated design of electronic devices. Experts and scientists from leading academic and applied engineering schools develop unique software solutions at Eremex. Since 2015, Eremex is developing Delta Design electronic CAD that supports various design standards and the end-to-end design cycle.


Products based on C3D Toolkit:

  • Delta Design

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Thanks to C3D Toolkit, Delta Design electronic CAD can now be integrated into a single workflow, where all product components are included in a common model. In particular, 3D visualization helps electronic device designers compose PCBs more efficiently, which in turn optimizes product manufacturing and improve maintainability and other operational characteristics.
Sergey Pilkin, Deputy CEO of Eremex

Partnership Timeline


After adding C3D Toolkit, Eremex releases Delta Design 2.6 with the following new features for electronic design:

• Footprint manager now visualizes components as 3D models

• New automatic mode for associating third-party models to footprints.


Eremex updates its Delta Design solution by integrating C3D Toolkit. Following the signing of the license agreement between C3D Labs and Eremex in May earlier this year, the first result of the cooperation is demonstrated to the public after just four months.