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CYPE is a Spain-based company with 36 years of experience in developing software for the architecture, engineering and construction industry. More than 90,000 users trust its products and services, and over 100,000 licenses have been acquired by professionals from Europe, Latin America, Africa, Oceania and Asia. Amongst CYPE clients are town councils and ministries, as well as technical control organizations, universities and professional offices.


Products based on C3D Toolkit:

  • CYPE Structures
  • CYPE Suite MEP
  • Open BIM Systems
  • CYPE Architecture

CYPE, photo 2
“During testing, C3D Toolkit showed itself to be a robust and complete kernel. It has the tools we need and its documentation, support, and example source code are great. We chose C3D Toolkit, because it fitted our needs in every aspect. Our software already uses solid modelling, and we were able to integrate the C3D kernel in just two to three weeks. It couldn’t have been done with any other kernel we had taken into consideration.”
Benjamín González Cantó, Director of Corporate Development at CYPE

Partnership Timeline


CYPE launches the 2021 version of its AEC program containing tons of new features and improvements. One of them is CYPE Architecture, a brand new tool for the design and 3D modeling of buildings, developed with С3D Modeler and Converter.


In August, CYPE launches a new 2020 version that incorporates the C3D Toolkit’s components.


In February, CYPE licenses two modules from C3D Toolkit:

  •  — C3D Modeler for geometric modeling improves IFC file processing and Boolean operations on 3D models
  • — C3D Converter for data exchange loads 3D models from a variety of formats into the company’s programs, C3D Converter module is considered a key component of CYPE’s Open BIM strategy