18.06.2024 • C3D Viewer

C3D Viewer Receives Astra Linux Compatibility Certificate

C3D Labs in cooperation with Astra Linux OS developers, has successfully tested and certified C3D Viewer, a free 3D model viewing tool.

The testing was designed to evaluate the compatibility of the C3D Viewer with the domestic operating system and confirm its functionality for engineers and designers who use Astra Linux.

The C3D Labs testing team consisted of testing engineers from the Tech Support and Testing Department. They verified that the C3D Viewer can be installed and run seamlessly on Astra Linux. Specifically, the functionality to open, view, and navigate 3D models in a variety of formats was tested.

C3D Viewer Receives Astra Linux Compatibility Certificate, photo 1

The testing demonstrated that the C3D Viewer consistently works and correctly displays 3D models in this operating system. The Astra Linux team confirmed the compliance and issued a compatibility certificate.

Certifying the C3D Viewer for Astra Linux extends this free 3D model viewing tool to Russian engineers and designers who utilize the domestic operating system. C3D Labs will continue to test and certify its products for compatibility with Astra Linux and other domestic operating systems.

Please visit the C3D page on the Astra Linux website.