06.03.2024 • C3D Viewer

C3D Viewer: New Tools and Linux Support

C3D Viewer is a free application from the C3D Labs product line. It is an easy-to-use 3D visualization tool that reads the most common CAD exchange formats: ACIS, IGES, Parasolid, STEP, STL, VRML, JT, and OBJ. The tool can display model structure and save the model in the C3D kernel and raster image formats. C3D Viewer uses the C3D Labs components: C3D Converter, C3D Modeler, and C3D Vision.

C3D Viewer: New Tools and Linux Support, photo 1
Fig. 1 The new GUI of C3D Viewer

A major update in 2024 is the C3D Viewer for Linux-based operating systems. It is available for free downloading at our website as a deb package. C3D Viewer has successfully passed compatibility tests with Ubuntu.

C3D Viewer: New Tools and Linux Support, photo 2
Fig. 2 C3D Viewer for Ubuntu

The new Explode command displays exploded views of assemblies.

C3D Viewer: New Tools and Linux Support, photo 3
Fig. 3 The Explode command

This release also features new navigation commands:

  • panning the camera relative to the model
  • tilting the camera in any direction
  • rotating the model about a vertical vector, as if the model were placed on a vertical platform (such rotation is commonly used to view building models)

There are also new settings to configure these new commands. You can zoom in/out of the model with the mouse wheel.

The new release offers more options to control scene orientation: you can use a coordinate system or a cube.

The on-screen location of view control commands is now configurable in the application settings. The commands can appear on the floating toolbar, or the tab with other tools.

C3D Viewer: New Tools and Linux Support, photo 4
Fig. 4 View control commands

Based on the customer feedback, the application now supports models created in newer C3D kernel versions.

C3D Viewer is a simple and robust 3D viewer, always at your fingertips. Download the current version here.