30.08.2019 • C3D Modeler, ODA

C3D Labs Releases Updated C3D Modeler for ODA 2019

C3D Labs announces the release of C3D Modeler for ODA 2019, a lightweight version of its flagship C3D Modeler geometry kernel. The ODA version is aimed at developers who write 3D applications with the Open Design Alliance’s software development kit (SDK). Through this module, developers using the ODA’s SDK gain access to significant 3D solid modeling functions.

C3D Modeler for ODA supports the creation of complex 3D solids, including extrusions, revolutions, sweeps, chamfers, fillets, thin-walled solids, Boolean operations between solids and solids consisting of faces and underlying surfaces, constructing bodies with sections, and slicing bodies by surfaces.

C3D Labs will present the updated C3D Modeler for ODA at the upcoming ODA DevCon in Milan, Italy. During a special conference session on the morning of Wednesday, September 11, developers and partners will learn about and review the new features first-hand. To attend DevCon, see https://devconnect.opendesign.com.

What’s new in C3D Modeler 2019 for ODA

The 2019 release adds to the wide range of 3D modeling methods already available through C3D Modeler’s powerful geometry kernel. The following solid modeling operations were added to the new release:

  • New ability to detect intersection of bodies
  • New ability to section 3D bodies with open shells
  • Improved algorithm for drawing 3D wireframes
  • Significantly enhanced interaction between C3D and SAT formats
C3D Labs Releases Updated C3D Modeler for ODA 2019, photo 1
Sectioning a body with an open shell

Converting data between SAT and C3D formats is an integral part of development process, and so the new release of C3D Modeler for ODA eliminates the forced-splitting of closed faces when exporting C3D data to the SAT format used to represent 3D bodies in the DWG format from the ODA. This solves issues related to transferring faces and edges as arguments to modeling operations.

Availability and Pricing

The updated C3D Modeler for ODA is available for testing at no charge. Open Design Alliance members may request an evaluation by going to www.opendesign.com.

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