04.04.2018 • C3D Viewer

C3D Labs Releases New 3D Model Viewer

Moscow, Russia: 3 April 2018 — C3D Labs, developer of the C3D Toolkit, announced today that it has released C3D Viewer Enterprise 2018, its 3D model viewer designed to be embedded into third-party software systems. The new product generates lightweight representations of CAD data within corporate information systems, such as PDM, PLM, ECM, and EAM.

Lightweight representations significantly reduce file sizes, reduce network bandwidth consumption, mitigate the requirements for disk space, and increase the speed in uploading and displaying 3D models.

Many users of the company’s C3D geometric kernel create not only development systems, but also the control systems that need fast, high-quality visualization of heterogeneous CAD data. C3D Viewer Enterprise reads, writes, views, and annotates CAD models from the most common data exchange formats. The easy-to-use API (application programming interface) allows developers to embed the application into their products quickly.

"We decided to release an OEM version of the C3D Viewer following demand from our customers,” said Alexey Kozyrev, lead C3D Viewer developer. “In just one year, we developed an API for C3D Viewer, implemented annotation tools for 3D models, and adapted our product to run on virtual machines.”


C3D Viewer supports many formats and does not depend on the CAD system, so it operates in any environment to display even the most complex 3D models, quickly and accurately. Such versatility is achieved through the development of proprietary components that became the basis of C3D Viewer – C3D Modeler, C3D Converter and C3D Vision.


The first customer of C3D Viewer Enterprise is ASCON, who integrated it into its LOODSMAN:PLM product lifecycle management system.

C3D Labs Releases New 3D Model Viewer, photo 2 C3D Labs Releases New 3D Model Viewer, photo 3
3D model lightweight representation in LOODSMAN:PLM 2018

“Each new version of LOODSMAN:PLM improves functionality, performance, and reliability. With LOODSMAN:PLM 2018 we replaced the old viewer with C3D Viewer Enterprise,” said Pavel Grigoryev, LOODSMAN:PLM Team Lead at ASCON. “We made this decision after careful research and by comparing the C3D Labs application with other similar products.”


C3D Viewer Enterprise enabled ASCON to accelerate considerably the generation of lightweight representations of 3D models. The change helped ASCON increase efficiency and ease of use when viewing and annotating lightweight representations. It allows LOODSMAN:PLM to generate and display lightweight visualizations of heavyweight 3D assembly models, working with which was previously almost impossible. ASCON significantly expedited the development process thanks to the close cooperation with the C3D Labs team and consultation with developers.

About C3D Viewer

C3D Labs will continue its intensive development of C3D Viewer Enterprise to meet the needs of corporate information system developers, such as adding PMI support, dynamic sections, geometric measurements, and mass-inertia properties reports of models.

The application is available now for testing and licensing. If you have questions, please contact C3D Labs through info@c3dlabs.com. Click here to download a free version of the C3D Viewer, which does not support embedding and annotation.