09.11.2023 • C3D Converter

C3D Converter Now Supports NX and Solidworks Native File Formats

C3D Labs announced that the C3D Converter data exchange module now supports more file formats. For the first time, it can handle the native formats of international CAD systems: NX and SolidWorks.

C3D Converter reads and writes 3D models in many exchange formats. The data conversion module is part of C3D Toolkit, a set of tools for engineering software developers. C3D Converter enables data exchange between CAD systems based on the C3D kernel and other software products. C3D Labs has been focusing on the most commonly used exchange formats such as STEP or JT. The development team has gained considerable expertise in handling ACIS and Parasolid kernel formats.

Market analysis and experience with the Parasolid format led to the implementation of support for Parasolid-based CAD formats: NX and SolidWorks. Today, the results of these efforts are available to the C3D kernel users.

C3D Converter Now Supports NX and Solidworks Native File Formats, photo 1

The Native Format Converter allows users of different CAD platforms (NX and SolidWorks) to share and work on the same models without compatibility issues. Whether it's a hardware supplier or a colleague in the next department, the converter ensures seamless collaboration. You can continue to work and modify old projects in legacy formats, saving time and money. Or migrate to different software. Some industries or customers may also require specific CAD formats for data exchange. The converter ensures that these requirements are met.

Alexander Spivakov, C3D Converter Product Manager, C3D Labs:

"Several years ago, we introduced a plug-in system to support the integration between component and third-party converters. We used again: each new format is supported with a plugin for C3D Converter. For .prt (NX) and .sldprt (Solidworks) formats, we exchange geometry, assembly structure, attributes, and PMI".

To test and purchase the C3D Converter plugins, please contact C3D Labs.

NX is a Siemens Digital Industries Software product. SolidWorks is a Dassault Systems product. All trademarks are property of their respective owners.