16.09.2014 • C3D Modeler, CAE

Ukrainian Research Lab Adopts C3D’s Kernel for Analysis Software

Moscow, Russia – September 8, 2014 – C3D Labs is pleased to announce that its geometric kernel is being integrated into software from Dynamics & Structures Lab of Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. The research laboratory is developing Belinda Structure as an environment for engineering analysis. Thanks to the intelligence of the C3D geometric kernel, the software gains capabilities in creating and analyzing data, and in importing geometry models from other CAD systems.

Dynamics & Structures Lab specializes in software for calculating the strength of structures like bridges, and is a specialized research center into the dynamics of structures, buildings, and facilities. Belinda Structure is their software that designs and analyzes deformable systems by taking into account dynamic loads, such as on railway bridges that carry high-speed trains. When the dynamics of deformable systems are calculated, it is crucial to take into account the geometry and inertial characteristics, and contact conditions of the structure accurately.

”This is why we decided to use the C3D geometric modeling kernel,” said Vitali Artemov, founder of the laboratory. “It has proven itself by being embedded in a number of ASCON software products, such as KOMPAS-3D mechanical CAD software."

Belinda Structure software calculating  non-linear deformations
Belinda Structure software calculating non-linear deformations

According to preliminary analysis of the C3D kernel, the laboratory's experts concluded that the Belinda Structure software will now be able perform these functions:

  • Develop, edit, and display the geometry of computational models in Belinda’s visual editor
  • Design cross-sections of axial elements made of arbitrary shapes
  • Automate the calculations of geometric characteristics of flat sections, and the inertial characteristics of solids
  • Apply versatile grid algorithms for sampling models, such as the Delaunay method
  • Determine the characteristics of contacts between structures and sources of stress loads
  • Share geometry in the most popular formats
  • And much more

"We trust that the C3D kernel will provide new impetus for developing the company's commercial software, as well as its research activities in the laboratory,” Oleg Zykov, CEO of C3D Labs: “For our part, we will provide all the support the Belinda Structure developers require in integrating their software with our C3D kernel. We are following this project with great interest."

Interested readers can monitor the progress of C3D kernel-based projects on the laboratory's official website at dystlab.com.

About Dynamics & Structures Lab

Dynamics & Structures, Lab.

The Dynamics & Structures Lab research laboratory was established to investigate and resolve issues related to the dynamics of construction, buildings, and facilities, as well as related issues in the field of mechanics of deformable systems. Today Dynamics & Structures Lab is a community of scientists and engineers from all over the world interested in the mechanics, design, optimization, and computer modeling of structures.

Dynamics & Structures Lab also develops specialized software. Belinda Structure is their flagship parametric modeling and engineering analysis software that includes FEA (finite element method) for solving problems in the field of structural mechanics. Modeling is carried out using a scripting technology that significantly increases its ability to analyze complex parametric models. The software’s interface includes tools for three-dimensional visualization.