25.03.2022 • C3D Modeler, C3D Converter, C3D Vision

C3D Toolkit Undergirds Turbomachines Design Software

Engineering company Numerical Calculations Russia has licensed modules from the C3D Toolkit for its Turbo Research & Design (TRD) software package. The software developer licensed the C3D Modeler, C3D Converter, and C3D Vision modules from C3D Labs for its TRD.Mesher, TRD.Solver, and TRD.Blade design programs.

TRD is intended for design, analysis, and developing blades used in turbomachines of various classes. It covers all stages of the design process, and supports machine optimization techniques. The primary customers of TRD software are aviation, energy and industrial turbomachinery companies.

C3D Toolkit Undergirds Turbomachines Design Software, photo 1

The software package uses the C3D Modeler module to carry out geometric construction, such as defining curves and surfaces and their intersections, as well as determining and creating associative links between geometric objects and controlling the triangulation of calculated models.

C3D Toolkit Undergirds Turbomachines Design Software, photo 2

The C3D Converter module imports and exports CAD geometry in exchange formats like Parasolid, ACIS, STEP, and IGES. The geometry obtained through the converter is used to parameterize the models of turbomachines for further design and editing.

The C3D Vision module visualizes every kind of geometry and the results of the meshing process.

C3D Toolkit Undergirds Turbomachines Design Software, photo 3

“Components from C3D Labs allowed us to rapidly develop our engineering software, while implementing the geometric kernel and visualization tools without needing to divert human resources to non-core tasks,” said Nikolai Shuvaev, lead programmer at NCR.

“These C3D libraries are used by many developers,” he added, “which allows the feature set to grow constantly, plus rapidly detecting and correcting errors. Especially important at this time is that a single geometric kernel is the key to creating a set of engineering programs capable of exchanging information between modules, even from different development companies.”

“Building high-quality models of turbine blades shows what a geometric kernel is capabible of,” said Yury Kozulin, head of C3D Modeler Development. “We did a lot of work on this discipline, which was first raised by the developers of the KOMPAS-3D mechanical design software. Then two years ago, we began meeting with the developers at NCR, telling them about the possibilities of C3D. And now they have released to the market their product based on our code. This excellent result speaks highly of the qualifications of the NCR team!”

About NCR

Numerical Calculations Russia is an independent engineering company whose primary activity is engineering work in the turbomachinery industry (design, re-design, analysis, training), as well as development and distribution of specialized engineering software.

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