Nikolay Golovanov's Geometric Modeling Now Available Everywhere

Charleston SC, USA: January 21, 2015 — C3D Labs is pleased to announce that Dr. Nikolay Golovanov's book Geometric Modeling is now available in English. His book outlines the principles of geometric modeling, such as methods for constructing curves, surfaces, and solids. It describes the algorithms and data structures needed to represent geometric objects. The book is intended for those who study, use, and develop geometric modeling systems.

Nikolay Golovanov's Geometric Modeling Now Available Everywhere, photo 1 Nikolay Golovanov's Geometric Modeling Now Available Everywhere, photo 2
Nikolay Golovanov with his «Geometric Modeling» book

Dr. Golovanov is the head of C3D Development Center and has a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering. Geometric Modeling is based on the more than 20 years experience he gained from developing the C3D geometric kernel, which is used by CAD systems such as KOMPAS-3D, ESPRIT Extra CAD, BAZIS, K3-Furniture, Quick CADCAM, Techtran and others. The English translation is a revised and updated version of the first edition of the book, which was written in Russian.

Dr. Joel N. Orr, Ph.D. in Mathematics
Dr. Joel N. Orr, Ph.D. in Mathematics

Assisting in the publication of the book was Dr. Joel N. Orr, a long time expert in CAD and a visionary at Cyon Research, an industry consulting firm. Dr. Orr has his Ph.D. in Mathematics from the State University of New York.

«Dr. Golovanov created a text that will enable any serious student of geometric design to grasp the full power and beauty of the mathematics behind this essential set of tools, and put them to work,» said Dr. Orr. «I am deeply impressed by the logical and methodical presentation, and by the clarity of the teaching. Highly recommended!»

Dr. Ken Versprille, Ph.D.
Dr. Ken Versprille, Ph.D. in Computer Science

The foreword was written by Dr. Ken Versprille, executive consultant and practice manager at CIMdata. He is recognized for publishing the first description of NURBS, a mathematical formulation that represents three dimensional curves and surfaces and has become an international standard in CAD and computer graphics. Dr. Versprille received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Syracuse University.

«Geometric modeling continues to grow in importance,» said Dr. Versprille. «Understanding the constructs that underlie geometric modeling will place students and developers at the forefront of new advancements. Nikolay Golovanov has paved the way to that understanding with this comprehensive presentation.»

Pricing and Availability

The new English edition of the book will be presented during COFES, the congress on the future of engineering software, which takes place April 16-19 in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA (cofes.com). All attendees will receive a copy of the book and will have the opportunity to meet with the author.

To purchase the English edition ($40), go to Amazon.com at www.amazon.com/Geometric-Modeling-The-mathematics-shapes/dp/1497473195.