C3D Labs Moves to Brand-New Moscow Technology Park Skolkovo

C3D Labs, part of the ASCON Group, has become the newest resident of Skolkovo, Russia's modern technology business park. Located just outside of Moscow, the park was established to support high-tech developments in an environment similar to Silicon Valley.

C3D originally was a proprietary 3D modeling kernel available only in KOMPAS-3D design software. Plans to commercialize the C3D kernel underwent a rigorous peer review, and as a result was recognized as meeting the criteria set forth by the Skolkovo Foundation.

C3D Labs Skolkovo

"Right from when we began our project to release the C3D kernel on the market as a standalone product, we were confident of its success," said Oleg Zykov, Director, C3D Labs. "When independent experts assessed our project and gave it a high score, this boosted our confidence even further. Nine of the ten experts we consulted called the project 'truly innovative' and determined that it has a high commercial potential in the global market."

The project for further developing the C3D geometric kernel at Skolkovo was examined in accordance with the requirements of the Russian Startup Rating (RSR), which aggregates information about Russian startups and then assesses their potential for success. They gave the C3D project an "A" rating, which placed it among the best-rated projects under the RSR.

The recognition is as important to the team as are the benefits available to residents of Skolkovo, whether in the form of marketing support from the Foundation or tax incentives.

"ASCON is a spectacular example of a Russian IT company that achieved its impressive results due to the determination and expertise of its employees," said Vasily Sizov, Senior Project Manager, Information Technology Cluster, Skolkovo Foundation. "And so it's cool for us to see one of ASCON's projects become a resident at Skolkovo, joining a group of outstanding companies in the field of CAD. The C3D geometric kernel is a great addition, because geometric models form the basis of all three-dimensional applications. The C3D kernel stands to win on the global market, and we will do our best to support it."

About the C3D Geometric Kernel

The C3D kernel is a key component in creating CAD (computer-aided design) software and related applications, such as CAE (computer-aided engineering), CAM (computer-aided manufacturing)  and process simulation systems. C3D was first developed in 1995 as a component of the KOMPAS-3D CAD program, and last year ASCON made the C3D kernel available for licensing to third parties.

C3D Labs is the division of ASCON responsible for developing and promoting the kernel. The kernel is already used by Russian software firms and research teams such as Bazis-Center, LO CNITI, and Mordovia State University. C3D Labs has now forged close links with several residents of Skolkovo. In the future, the company plans to establish an office in the innovation city to complement its existing development center in Kolomna, also in the Moscow region.

About Skolkovo

The strategic goal of the Skolkovo Innovation Centre is to concentrate international intellectual capital, thereby stimulating the development of breakthrough projects and technologies. Companies engaged in innovative developments are discovered, and after a selection process become project participants of the center. They are provided with all assistance necessary for development.

The Skolkovo Foundation and its partners are tasked with transforming the infrastructure, resources, and other facilities of the center into services that prove effective for those companies that are project participants.