C3D Labs Reports FY2018 Corporate Results

C3D Labs, provider of engineering software development toolkits, increased revenues by 54% in 2018, thereby doubling its rate of growth. The software company also expanded its presence in the American and European markets.

Trusted by global software brands and innovative startups worldwide, C3D Toolkit brings core 3D modeling functions to engineering programs that are used in areas like mechanical design, simulation, manufacturing, building information modeling, and electronics design. The modules of C3D Toolkit enable these programs to construct, edit, visualize, and convert complex geometric models with high accuracy and fast performance.

The strategy of C3D Labs has been to focus on the global market, and as a result export earnings now account for 60% of licenses sold. Today, the primary market is the USA, with sales to Russia, Italy, China, and South Korea also attaining a significant share. Over the past year, C3D Labs landed new customers from Denmark, Italy, Japan, Russia, Turkey, and USA.

The following software packages were released in 2018 incorporating geometric modeling kernel, constraint solver, and data exchange technology from C3D Labs:

  • Altium Designer 19 from Altium – electronic design software
  • KOMPAS-3D v18 from Ascon – mechanical design software
  • Delta Design from Eremex – electronic design software
  • PASS/EQUIP from PSRE Co – piping design software
  • Renga MEP from Renga Software – MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing) software
C3D Labs Reports FY2018 Corporate Results, photo 4
Altium Designer 19
C3D Labs Reports FY2018 Corporate Results, photo 5

In addition, the Russian Federal Nuclear Center VNIITF of ROSATOM is ready to release a brand-new CAE (computer-aided engineering) system with 3D visualization delivered by C3D Vision, the newest module of the C3D Toolkit.

C3D Labs Reports FY2018 Corporate Results, photo 6
New CAE system from VNIITF

Oleg Zykov, CEO of C3D Labs:

“We are proud of the high level of quality software developed by our customers with our C3D Toolkit. According to our customers, we provide a perfect level of technical support. In 2018, we solved 955 customer tickets requesting new features, improvements, and bugs fixes. The average time to solve a ticket decreased by 30%.”

Currently, the C3D Labs team is working on the new version of C3D Toolkit to be released in June, 2019.