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Mubitek, with over 15 years of experience in automotive sheet metal forming and CAD, was founded in Izmir, Turkey in 2005 by Aeronautical and Mechanical Msc engineer Mustafa Bintaş. At first Mubitek was established to make die design to the sheet metal industry. R&D and software development activities started in 2007 is still in line with technological developments. The first Mubitek's CAD product was inroduced in 2011. Now the company is developing ÇİZEN software for smart die design.



Products based on C3D Toolkit:


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“The 3D components we first choose were mostly blind choices. This time, however, we evaluated several kernels and tested them to make sure they met our requirements, such as our need for a viewing module, geometric naming feature, and the learning curve. C3D Toolkit satisfied us on these issues.”
Mustafa BİNTAŞ, General Manager of Mubitek

Partnership Timeline


Mubitek chooses C3D Toolkit from C3D Labs to improve the 3D modeling capabilities of its ÇİZEN software, the first fully Turkish 3D design application.

The company licenses the full C3D Toolkit, consisting of C3D Modeler for geometric modeling, C3D Solver for constraint management, C3D Vision for the rendering engine, and C3D Converter for data exchange.