29.11.2019 • C3D Modeler

New in C3D Modeler: Stamping with a solid tool

The functionality of the C3D Toolkit is regularly upd ated not only with new methods of building bodies, but also with improvements to previous algorithms, expanding their capabilities. In this note, we will talk about one of such improvements, devoted to sheet metal stamping in the C3D Modeler geometric kernel.

The Stamp() method is well known to our users who are actively working with sheet metal. Stamping can be built on a single closed or open loop that is located on a plane face. A closed sketch can be located on a face in whole or in part, and an open sketch should start and end outside a face. In this case, stamping is cut by the borders of the sheet face on which the sketch is located. You can learn more about the parameters of this method on the online documentation page.:

New in C3D Modeler: Stamping with a solid tool, photo 1
Sheet metal stamping

Earlier, some types of stamping were already implemented in C3D Modeler: open and closed stamping, lances, louvers. All of them create certain forms specified by the operation parameters. To construct a stamping, containing, for example, an arbitrary non-planar surface as a bottom, it was necessary to develop a new method that removes this limitation and allows stamping with a body of arbitrary shape - a punch.

The result of the work was the StampWithToolSolid() method. Stamping is built on the basis of an arbitrary tool body and a given plane sheet face. The created stamping is cut by the borders of the sheet face that the body crosses. In the input parameters of the method, it is necessary not only to set the shell to be used as a tool, but also to determine whether this shell is a punch or a matrix (se t by the flag). In addition, the user can specify the values of the radius of curvature of the base and the thickness of the stamped part. The results of the algorithm are shown below.

New in C3D Modeler: Stamping with a solid tool, photo 2
Stamping with a solid tool

The StampWithToolSolid() method is located in the header file action_sheet.h. You can read more about it on the online documentation page:

Sergey Biryukov, C3D Toolkit product manager
Sergey Biryukov
C3D Toolkit product manager