C3D Labs Reports on Successful C3DevCon 2022 Conference

C3D Labs held C3DevCon 2022, its second international conference, on October 20 online. С3DevCon was designed for developers who write engineering software products with our C3D components, as well as for those who are interested in 3D modeling. We broadcast the event live from a studio. As the conference was held last year for the first time internationally, and it has gained the status of being an “annual” one.

We want to summarize the event for you.

Keynote Speeches

The conference began with the two hosts introducing the star of the show, our C3D Toolkit.

Oleg Zykov, CEO of C3D Labs, then presented the keynote speech, describing the primary updates we were unveiling this year. He presented a brief history of the company, how it was founded, and what we are doing now. As well, he shared statistics about the business worldwide:

  • Employs 43 employees on the C3D team, nine of which hold PhDs
  • Expanded the geographical area to employees working in three offices
  • Reaches 55 customers 14 countries
  • Doubled sales in 2021 over the year before

We updated our worldwide audience on the status of the C3D Toolkit 2022. The toolkit now consists of seven full-fledged components:

  • C3D Modeler -- geometric kernel
  • C3D Solver -- parametric solver
  • C3D Vision -- visualization engine
  • C3D Converter -- data exchange module
  • C3D B-Shaper -- polygon to b-rep converter
  • C3D Web Vision -- visualization engine
  • C3D FairCurveModeler -- smooth curve constructor

The main part of the conference was divided into two halves. In the first half, we described the new and improved functions of C3D Toolkit’s seven components. We had customers sharing their experiences in using components of the C3D Toolkit. For more details about the new and improved features of the 2022 kernel and its components, we have posted details on our Web site’s blog page.

The second half was devoted to demonstrating how to properly and effectively work with our components. In particular, we held workshops with developers Artem Uvarov and Ksenia Prokofeva, who showed the best methods for using C3D Modeler and C3D Converter functions.

C3D Labs Reports on Successful C3DevCon 2022 Conference, photo 5 Artem Uvarov, C3D Modeler Developer (top image);
Ksenia Prokofeva, C3D Converter Developer (bottom image)

Midway through the conference, we held an award presentation for the customer who contributes the most to the development of the C3D Toolkit. This year, we presented the award to Nick Kallen, whose software Plasticity provides 3D modeling for conceptual artists.

Customers Case Studies

Three customers were invited to present case studies in using C3D Labs software.

Svyatoslav Golovanov, founder of Mart3D, described his experience in using C3D Toolkit components. Mart3D is CAD software for performing 3D modeling. He provided an overview of how his CAD system deploys C3D Modeler in particular. The geometric kernel is used for solid modeling, sketch, assembling, measurements, history, and so on.

Leonid Korelshtein, vice president for research & development at PSRE Co. told us how C3D components helped his company’s PASS Suite application offer new functions. PASS Suite is a complex software solution covering all of the primary aspects of piping and equipment analysis. C3D products are used in PASS/EQUIP and PASS/Nozzle-FEM software. Significantly, PSRE chose C3D Modeler to replace an obsolete 3D kernel so that PASS could now handle new functions like these ones:

  • Model complex pressure vessels and nozzle geometry for stress analysis
  • Create meshes for visualization
  • Calculate volumes and mass properties

Also, PASS uses our C3D Converter to export models in different CAD formats.

URL: https://www.passuite.com/

Alexey Fedorov, project manager, shared the Nanosoft case study. This CAD vendor specializes in creating high-quality, cost-effective software solutions for the design industry. The company uses C3D components for the nanoCAD Plus platform, which was first launched in 2008. Mr Fedorov’s report was devoted to describing how C3D Solver was added to nanoCAD platform. Both 2D and 3D solvers help Nanosoft’s application in several ways:

  • Support all 2D constraints required for DWG
  • Solve fully-constrained 2D sketches
  • Provide better performance, with direct interaction
  • Offer a user-friendly, readily-understandable API

URL: https://nanocad.com/

Next Steps

The conference was conducted in English. You can watch the recording of the entire conference directly on the broadcast page. You will also be able to watch it via our Youtube channel.

We would like to thank all the C3DevCon speakers for the valuable experience they shared and the conference participants for their questions. The C3D Labs team returns to work on our geometric kernel, and is active in preparing topics for future conferences.

And may C3D be with you!