C3D Labs Partners with intrinSIM to Bring the C3D Kernel to Worldwide Markets

Moscow, Russia and Clarkesville, GA, USA – September 2, 2015. C3D Labs, the developer of the C3D Kernel is pleased to announce that intrinSIM has signed a definitive agreement to add C3D Kernel and related modules to its portfolio of Embeddable Technologies for Engineering Applications. intrinSIM is a premier source of embeddable technologies for engineering applications and represents a broad portfolio of leading edge tools suitable for commercial or in-house engineering software applications through a unique technology broker model. intrinSIM will partner with C3D Labs to advance business development and licensing of the C3D Kernel technology on a worldwide basis.

C3D Labs Partners with intrinSIM to Bring the C3D Kernel to Worldwide Markets, photo 1 C3D Labs Partners with intrinSIM to Bring the C3D Kernel to Worldwide Markets, photo 2

“We are very pleased to add the C3D Kernel to our technology portfolio”, says Joe Walsh, founder of intrinSIM. “C3D Kernel provides a cost effective, commercial grade alternative for Geometric Modeling while also offering options for import/export of standard geometry formats and a powerful 2D/3D Constraint Solver. Whether you are looking to upgrade from open source modeling or for improved technical support or just a more cost effective modeling kernel, C3D Kernel is a perfect choice.”

“The cooperation with intrinSIM will allow us to get in touch with more software vendors wanting to quickly create 3D products, reduce the cost of development or increase reliability and performance of their products ”, adds Oleg Zykov, CEO of C3D Labs. “intrinSIM brings a wealth of experience and worldwide recognition related to licensing of component software technologies and we are proud to have them assist us with bringing C3D Kernel to broader markets.”

Oleg Zykov, CEO of C3D Labs
Oleg Zykov, CEO of C3D Labs
Joe Walsh, CEO of intrinSIM
Joe Walsh, CEO of intrinSIM

C3D Kernel is a C++/C# programming toolkit dedicated to today’s 3D Modeling requirements with a special focus on enabling small and medium sized software development teams to efficiently and effectively develop 3D products. C3D Kernel includes three crucial modeling components: geometric modeling, constraint solving, and 3D file conversions.

  • C3D Modeler constructs 2D/3D geometric models, generates flat projections of models, performs triangulations, calculates the inertial characteristics of models, and determines whether collisions occur between the elements of models
  • C3D Solver makes connections between the elements of geometric models, and considers geometric constraints of models being edited
  • C3D Converter reads and writes geometric models in a variety of standard exchange formats, such as STEP, IGES, ACIS, XT, STL, and VRML

The C3D kernel enables end application developers to carry out the following functions in their software:

  • Improve the product’s functional capabilities
  • Quickly create 3D applications based on existing 2D design systems
  • Greatly reduce the cost of development
  • Enhance the reliability and speed of their software products

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