C3D Vision

Using our C3D Visualization Module, software developers customize the graphical user interface of engineering applications and visualization parameters for three-dimensional geometric models displayed in it. C3D Vision controls the quality of rendering for 3D models using mathematical apparatus and software, and the workstation hardware.

C3D Vision allows developers to significantly improve visualization capabilities of engineering software by increasing the quality of 3D model rendering and speeding the processing of large assemblies. The C3D visualization toolkit yields new opportunities for managing three-dimensional scenes and animations through its ready-to-use feature manager. Included is a design tree for 3D models, scene graph and interactive tools for scene manipulation. All of these functions have become an integral part of modern design products.

To ensure the maximum performance in static graphics, C3D Vision gives users control over levels of detail (LOD) and the accuracy of triangulating grid calculations. For dynamic scenes C3D Vision provides this much flexibility:

C3D Vision supplies the following shaders:

C3D Vision is used for the following applications:

C3D Vision significantly improves the quality of visualization in engineering applications, while reducing the cost of software development. C3D Vision ensures maximum ease of use by providing visibility of the displayed information and optimizing interaction with graphical user interface of the application under development.

C3D Vision can be used standalone, or together with our other C3D modules.

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