C3D Modeler

By using our C3D Geometric Kernel, software developers address more efficient 2D and 3D modeling in their applications. C3D Modeler performs the geometric calculations necessary for constructing 2D sketches and 3D models.

C3D Modeler uses the boundary representation (b-rep) method in defining shapes and building models based on 3D bodies. It also uses surfaces and curves for composing 3D bodies. It groups the resulting bodies into fundamental building blocks in advance of creating more complex assemblies.

C3D Modeler is best when used for the following design applications:

C3D Modeler supplies many types basic surfaces and curves:

Users can easily move, rotate, zoom in and out any element of a geometric model.

C3D Modeler supplies the following types of geometric calculations:

In addition to b-reps, our geometric kernel supports polygonal representations of geometric models. The kernel builds polygonal 3D models through triangulation. The overall structure is exactly the same for both boundary-representation and polygonal models, but polygonal models usually consist of approximated plate- and polygon-shaped items, and so are convenient for making calculations and generating visualizations.

An important feature of our kernel is its open architecture, which allows you to extend C3D Modeler beyond its standard functionality. You easily create custom objects specific to your application by inheriting them from the geometric kernel's primitives.

As bodies and frames are constructed into geometric models, they generate individual build logs. The system records all of the methods employed, sequences taken, and data inputted. The logs make it easier to later edit the geometry and then rebuild models with new parameters.

Detailed information about geometric elements is saved as attributes for each element and for individual objects like facets, edges, and vertices.

C3D Modeler quickly extends basic functionality of a CAD system. It achieves this through its long list of ready-to-use building methods and functions, as well as specific guidelines on geometric modeling, and technical documentation on working with the kernel. Our geometric kernel provides you with all of the functions necessary for rapid development of 3D modeling systems, and it provides compatibility with proprietary 2D modeling systems.

C3D Modeler can be used standalone, or together with our other C3D modules.

Software Development with the C3D Kernel. Video Tutorial on Creating the Extrusion Solid

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