C3D Converter

Using our C3D Convertion Module, software developers import model geometry and related data into their systems, and then export them to other systems easily. C3D Converter reads and writes models in both neutral and proprietary file formats for a variety of CAD kernel systems.

The converter opens and saves details of models’ geometric shapes, as well as information about the author, name, and designation of each object in various notations.

C3D Converter reads and writes B-rep models in the following file formats:

C3D Converter reads and writes polygonal models in the following file formats:

C3D Converter imports and exports models in JT file format (v.8.0 – 10.x) with the next properties:

C3D Converter allows corporate IT resources to be used more efficiently, because it organizes the interactions between custom-written software and third-party applications. We actively develop our convertion module to extend its functions so that developers can maintain their products with the latest kernel updates that involve reading and writing 3D data.

C3D Converter can be used standalone, or together with our other C3D modules.

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