C3D Converter

Import and export geometrical models and related data into and out of your application.
With C3D Converter, you import model geometry and related data into your systems and then easily export them to other systems. C3D Converter reads and writes models in neutral and other formats for a variety of CAD systems. It reads and saves details of the models’ geometric shapes, information about the authors, names, designation of each object, annotations, and so on.

Our converters offer sets of tuning options. Your users can specify, for instance, whether separated surfaces should be automatically stitched into shells, and to filter objects for exchange by type. The actual set of options is found in our specifications.

For applications where writing and reading files might cause data exchange bottlenecks, C3D Converter works with buffers in memory. To improve performance, STEP and Parasolid converters support multithreading for accelerated import.

7 Supported Formats

C3D Converter offers seven formats for geometry import and export, with no need to pay extra for additional formats. The choice of exchange format depends on factors such as the specific of model representation in different formats and demands by end-users. We provide an application area for each format to offer the most appropriate solution for model exchange.
7 Supported Formats

PMI Support

C3D Converter supports advanced features, such as ISO-certified STEP and JT formats, and PMI (product manufacturing information). PMI includes notes, a variety of dimensions, such as linear and angular, and additional elements needed to document the manufacturing process. The text is represented by characters or in tessellated form.
PMI Support

C3D Converter Capabilities

C3D Converter reads and writes B-rep models in the following file formats:

  • STEP with PMI supports AP203, AP214, and AP242
  • IGES reads and writes v.5.3
  • ACIS SAT reads up to v.22.0 and writes v. 4.0, 7.0, 10.0
  • Parasolid X_T, X_B reads v.32.0 and writes v.27.0
  • Reading OBJ

C3D Converter reads and writes polygonal models in the following file formats:

  • STL
  • VRML (v.2.0)
C3D Converter imports and exports models in JT file format (v.8.0 – 10.x) with the next properties:

  • Boundary representation (B-rep)
  • Facet representation
  • Product and manufacturing information (PMI)
  • Level of detail (LOD)

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