ADEM Group was founded in 1994, and today produces end-to-end CAD/CAM/CAPP design systems. The company’s solutions help automate design and technological pre-production, and manages engineering data using on modern software and hardware systems.


Products based on C3D Toolkit:

  • ADEM-VX CAM add-on to KOMPAS-3D

"We look forward to using the C3D geometric kernel in our products so that it would be more closely integrated with ASCON’s KOMPAS-3D MCAD system, which is also built on the C3D kernel."
Alexey Kazakov, CEO of the ADEM group of companies R&D

Partnership Timeline


The ADEM group of companies, a Russian software developer producing software for design and CAM pre-production, has licensed the C3D Modeler geometric kernel from C3D Labs. The kernel will be part of the new ADEM-VX software package and ADEM-VX CAM add-on to KOMPAS-3D. The kernel replaces a Spatial ACIS geometric kernel from Dassault Systems, which previously carried out 3D modeling functions.