VR Concept is a software developer of virtual prototyping applications that solve industrial challenges. The company’s flexible 3D/VR engine is the core of the software. By opening CAD data directly and on-the-fly, customers have a fast entry into the realm of collaborative VR/AR.

Web: http://vrconcept.net/eng/


Products based on C3D Toolkit:

  • VR Concept

VR Concept
“By partnering with C3D Labs, we accessed a wide range of CAD formats that are used by our industrial customers, as well as the full-featured geometric modeling kernel. In addition to extending the capabilities of our easy-to-use application for collaborative virtual prototyping, we intend to develop software tools for doing design directly in virtual reality.”
Denis Zakharkin, CEO of VR Concept

Partnership Timeline


To Read CAD Data, VR Concept Switches Over Completely to C3D Labs Technology.


VR Concept deploys the C3D Converter data exchange module in its software to support reading data imported in JT, C3D, Parasolid X_T and X_B, STEP, IGES, and ACIS SAT formats.


In June, VR Concept licenses С3D Toolkit for extending its 3D virtual prototyping tools.