C3D Toolkit Licensing

  • Commercial, start-up, and academic programs
  • Annual developer license and technical support
  • No minimum royalty payments

The C3D Toolkit license fees consist of two parts:

1. Annual Developer’s License

The annual fee for the developer’s license is mandatory and entitles your organization to develop software using C3D Toolkit. The license fee covers all operating systems and development environments supported by C3D Toolkit at the date of licensing. The license entitles an unlimited number of developers within your organization to use C3D Toolkit.

It also includes one year of technical support that allows to:

  • Download the latest C3D Toolkit releases
  • Send requests with technical support service

2. Royalty Fees

Payment of royalty fees begins when you start selling software (or services) that uses C3D Toolkit. Quarterly reports finalize charges. The fee amount is fixed and does not depend on the price of your software.

As a benefit to you, our royalty structure lacks a minimum needed amount, allowing you to create free and inexpensive software based on C3D Toolkit comfortably.

Licensing Types


Combined with flexible licensing terms our comprehensive software solutions allows us to consider business models of our customers on an individual basis. Focusing on long-term cooperation, we allow you to recognize revenue faster – along with better function delivery and happier end-users.

Start-Up Program

For startups, a special licensing program is available that allows small companies to maximize profitability while maintaining focus on effective product decisions and delivery. Our development and support teams are here to keep you efficient by delivering software solutions and technical support on time.

Academic Program

The C3D Toolkit Academic Program provides universities with the following benefits:

  • Reduced price for C3D Toolkit developer’s license and technical support
  • Unlimited access to the C3D Toolkit documentation
  • Geometric Modeling book by Nikolay Golovanov, PhD

C3D Modeler for ODA

C3D Modeler for ODA is a lightweight version of the C3D Modeler that provides direct integration between the ODA Platform and C3D geometric modeling kernel, allowing ODA members to access solid modeling functionality.