Technical Support

C3D Labs provides complete product support for licensees of our C3D geometric kernel, as well as extensive consulting services. Our purpose is to be of maximum effectiveness to our customers.

All kernel licensees have access to the following services, no matter which service level is purchased:

  • Download the latest C3D release, which is issued annually
  • Log requests with our technical support service

We recommend that customers avail themselves of our extended technical support service, which is provided through Servicedesk. We have found that this system is convenient for both us and our C3D licensees, because it has been perfected through long term use by many companies. The primary benefit of Servicedesk is their response time, which does not depend on the availability of individual C3D Labs employees, who may not be immediately available. And so C3D issues are handled simultaneously by several experts, and bugs are corrected promptly.

Customers who pay for extended technical support enjoy these additional advantages:

  • Receive answers to questions and expert advice 24x7x365
  • Download intermediate C3D revisions, which are issued every two weeks
  • Submit bugs and suggestions for further C3D development

As a special offer, ProtoTech Solutions, renowned worldwide in the fields of CAD and graphics, can advise kernel users on how best to employ C3D at no charge for the first two weeks!

Our priority is quality

To enhance C3D quality, we employ a number of testing methods. These include static code analyzers, unit testing, performance testing, automatic distribution of package assemblies, and automatic regression testing. Every day, we automatically compile the geometric kernel, as well as perform unit test checks, model re-configuration testing, flat projection construction testing, and data conversion testing.

To test our solid body construction algorithms, we use a specially created database that contains over 300,000 3D models. Each day, we review reports from our automated testing system. Twice a month, a new C3D geometric kernel distribution package is automatically assembled, based on those code revisions that successfully passed our battery of tests.

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