Licensing Program

To prepare a best-practices approach to licensing C3D, we studied a variety of business operations in the field of information technology. As a result, our licensing terms are flexible and take into account the business models of our customers.

The C3D kernel license consists of three components:

  • Annual payment for a developer’s license, which includes basic support
  • License fees (royalties) on sales of end-user products and services created using C3D
  • An optional annual fee for extended technical support and assistance

Payment for the developer’s license is mandatory and entitles your organization to develop software using C3D. The license fee covers all operating systems and development environments supported by C3D at the date of licensing.

The license entitles an unlimited number of developers within your organization to use C3D.

Payment of royalty fees begins when you start selling software (or services) that use C3D. Fees are finalized by quarterly reports. The fee amount is fixed, and does not depend on the price of your software. As a benefit to you, our royalty structure lacks a minimum royalty amount, allowing you to comfortably create free and inexpensive software based on C3D.

The license for extended technical support is optional, and so you need purchase it only when needed. C3D Labs, however, strongly recommends this option during active development stage to maximize the effectiveness of your work. For detailed information, see the Technical Support section.

For educational institutions, we offer educational licenses to the C3D kernel.

For startups, a special licensing program is available. For detailed information, contact C3D Labs.