Education Program

Since its founding in 2000, our company has implemented a strategic program of education support. The importance of teaching how to program with geometric kernels is validated by the high number of employers searching for graduates with knowledge and experience in design systems development. Today, educational institutions use software from C3D Labs for teaching and researching in various fields.

In practice, the pilot projects of students often grow up to become valid commercial software products. We support these breakthroughs by providing schools with access to our most knowledge-intensive product – C3D Toolkit.

C3D pedagogy

We have developed an educational program for educators that is aimed at advanced vocational training for specialists in the fields of product design, engineering processes, and engineering analysis.

C3D Toolkit in the academic environment opens up new opportunities in many areas:

  • Studying the internal structure of typical CAD/CAM/CAE systems
  • Familiarizing students with modern mathematical tools that perform geometric calculations and construct 2D and 3D models
  • Acquiring training in engineering software that uses geometric kernels
  • Consolidating theoretical data in higher mathematics, engineering graphics, linear algebra, and analytical geometry
  • Preparing technical guidelines for lab and practical work
  • Completing course work, graduate qualifications, and theses
  • Creating software tools for aid research and development
  • Developing commercial IT products together with innovative firms linked to educational institutions

When these lines of activity are integrated into curricula, the attractiveness of an educational institution for international cooperation is enhanced, and benefits the growth of its ratings in the educational arena worldwide.

Modern technology for higher education


Geometric Modeling book
by Nikolay Golovanov, PhD


Author of the book — Head of C3D Development Center,
Nikolay Golovanov, Ph.D.

The C3D Educational Licensing Program provides universities with these benefits:

  • Academic C3D Toolkit license
  • Unlimited access to the C3D Toolkit's documentation
  • Discount on technical support for projects executed with the C3D software components
  • Geometric Modeling book by Nikolay Golovanov, PhD

Geometric Modeling on



The following educational institutions were among the first to use C3D Toolkit educational licenses:

  • National Research Ogarev State University of Mordovia
  • Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology
  • Voronezh State Technical University
  • Taras Shevchenko State University of Transnistria
  • Moscow State University of Technology “STANKIN”
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